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Knowledge is power!  

When you and your team begin asking people to register with DLT, you will likely get questions in return.  Of course, we don’t expect you to be experts (that’s our job!), but being able to address the FAQs with FACTS will help you and your team feel comfortable talking about donation and answering the most common questions.

Start with this!  This PowerPoint training deck is an essential for those on your planning team and can even serve as a presentation to your organization.  It addresses what the registry is, why it’s needed, ways to register and the most commonly asked questions.  It also includes an embedded video about the donation process that is very enlightening.

Info Sheets – these resources can be printed out to have handy your registration drive.

Top 7 Donation FAQs from the Mayo Clinic – this short video addresses many common donation questions.  Visit YouTube to get the link or embed code to share it via social media, by email or play in a meeting or class.  Click here:

For TASC Schools – check out these Dare to Donate video shorts here or access the links below:

Remember, if you get questions you can’t answer, you can always refer people to the Donate Life Texas website to find more information and contact us.

Take the Donate Life message into the classroom!

Created in 2017, the Donate Life America Youth Education Guide contains comprehensive lesson plans and resources for a variety of classroom and educational settings, including:

  • Driver Education (Grade Level 9-12, Ages 14-18)
  • Donation Basics (Grade Level 7-12)
  • Cellular Identity (Science, Health Careers for Grade Level 10-12)
  • Donation Debate (Science, Health, Health Careers for grade Level 10-12)
  • In Focus advanced reading materials for:
    • Cornea Donation & Transplantation
    • Tissue Donation
    • Organs That Can Be Donated
    • Deceased Organ Donation
    • Organ Transplants
    • Kidneys
    • Careers in Donation and Transplantation
  • Donate Life Stories of Hope
  • List of state education mandates