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Song of LIFE!

Liver Recipient – Palmview, TX

Born with a chronic liver disease, there was no hope that Shantel would survive.

She was only 10 months old when she received a liver transplant that saved her life.

Shantel remains deeply grateful for the second opportunity made possible by her Hero Donor. Today, she plays just like any other fun-loving 6th grade student, enjoying life.  As an aspiring singer, Shantel hopes one day to personally thank the family of her donor in person.

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7 thoughts on “Song of LIFE!”

  1. April 10 2018 I received a liver. I am so blessed. I have a life. I will be able to take care of my Mother, when the time comes. I want to be a donor! I want to give life to someone else!.

  2. Thank you to All in the National and State Organ Donor Registry Organizations, I feel honored and it is my pleasure to be Registered in both. I’ve had at least three near death experiences. When I was young my life was saved by Emergency Surgery in the middle of the night, then as a middle-aged woman my life was saved by two Good Samaritans. About six years ago my life was saved again when I choked on a piece of food. I was told that while I was unconcience a Good Samaritan performed Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation, Heimlich while EMS arrived.

  3. Es muy triste ver como tantos mueren esperando algún órgano..
    Yo e decidido registrarme en la paguina para donar mis órganos después de muerta
    Espero que le ayuden a alguien. que aún tiene oportunidad de seguir viviendo .
    Me hace feliz .. espero que algún órgano me funcione y pueda ayudar a alguien

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