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My Son, My Child, My Love…KaNeem Jamal Berry

On February 9, 2017, I lost my one and only child to traumatic brain injury in which he suffered due to an automobile accident. He was 24 and a single parent to wonderfully active son. KaNeem was loving, funny, loyal and would do anything to help anyone.

Before he was pronounced, we (family, friends, and myself) prayed for a miracle. I contemplated on what my next step would be. I spoke with some very compassionate and knowledgeable staff members from Southwest Transplant Alliance. I prayed some more and it was then that I decided to donate my son’s organs.

The doctor spoke of his strong heart, that’s all I could think about. His heart, his strong, loving, big heart could give someone else another chance to live, give them a little while longer to be with their family.

This wasn’t the miracle that we prayed for BUT it was the miracle GOD had intended. He saved 5 lives with his organs and helped countless others with his tissue.

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3 thoughts on “My Son, My Child, My Love…KaNeem Jamal Berry”

  1. I remember when dropping fatman (his baby )off at home after school he would saying thank you nean about 5 times he would give me the biggest hug and say you tomorrow Nean.miss and love my lil cuz.

  2. KaNeem you are missed everyday and I am so blessed to have seen you grow up to be a father to your own son. I love you and will walk tomorrow in your honor with your mom and family. You blessed so many lives with your organs and tissue that we know you walk around everyday here still on earth. Please continue to look over us.

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