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Charline HEART TRANSPLANT 26 yrs.

I was so grateful to receive a Heart transplant,virus had damaged mine, and was so shocked to learn I needed a heart. I decided right then to make the very best of this gift,take good care of it, and tell everyone I meet how blessed I am. I have lived with this heart 26 yrs, and realize I woud not have met 26 grandchildren and 23 great grandchildren. Took care of my husband until he passsed with cancer. He had taken such good care of me, it was my pleasure to give back to him. I live on social security, Until this year, have held garage sales, crochet afghans and raffled them off to raise money to go to the games. I have gone 9 times to the games, managed to win some medals for our state. It is so wonderful talking to people, and encouraging them to become donors, It seems talking to transplants,really gives them hope. I know I get excited hearing about someone out longer than me. I also am a living donor, when they asked me if I wanted to donate my old heart, asked what they would want with it. I didn;t realize I had 2 perfectly good valves,was able to help 2 people. Work with Live Gift,love going to Health Fairs, and talking to anyone that will listen. Often just telling them I have a Heart Transplant is enough to get them to sign up. Learned to bowl for exercise, and meet people. One day the manager of the bowling center, asked me if he paid for my coaching school, would I commit to coaching our youth that bowl at this center. I was excited to do this.I have coached the kids for 15 years, watch them grown up and bowl super good. Many different things I do , still make me feel useful, Thank you for reading my application,and concidering me.

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  1. To receive a transplant gift is a blessing. You are very LUCKY to receive that gift of longer life. Thank God people are open minded enough to donate a family members organs. My son received a liver at age 11 and the 15 yr old girl who died and her family donated EVERYONE of them are still our hero’s. We’ve never met but they will be loved by us forever!

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