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(English) I’m a Conservator

I am 56yrs old.2 children,6 grandchildren and lots of family and friends.kind of.My family mom,sister,daughter’s,nieces,brother-in-law were there to help me.My wonderful husband of 30yrs left me for another woman about 3 months into my illness.what a guy.yet my brother-in-law supported me financially and paid for my insurance.He is a wonderful we have 2 men in my life good and evil.after being so sick with liver failure a day came,October 12 ,2014 another man came into my life.another loving giving man.either by his own hand or buy his grieving families I was literally given the gift of a new life.when I woke that day all I thought was can today be the day.I feel so much for the donor and family.all I know is he was 67yrs old and from Texarkana area.I feel that I’m the conservator of this liver.its my job to care for it and be a good host.the first 7 months were rough.between getting my strength back and getting over a broken heart.I’m doing well now.I went for my year exam on the 29th of Sept.biopsy blood work all was good.I hope to be the host at our very personal party for as long as I am able.I know that I’m here to carry on with a great desire to succeed at being happy and prosperous.not many people get 2nd chances.I know how special I am and how special he was.I want to say thank you from the bottom of heart. I’m writing this letter to his family to know that so far we’re doing great and thank you so very much.please know I would love to hear from you if you feel the need.thanks and peace to all.

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