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I’m a Conservator

Some of the men in my life have been good.  Some haven’t.  But, I’ve never met the man who gave me a second chance at life.

In October 2014, I got the call that every person on the transplant waiting list hopes for. They had a liver for me and all I know was that it was the gift of life given to me by a loving, caring man from somewhere in East Texas.

I feel so much for my donor and his family, who must be grieving. I feel that I’m the conservator of this precious gift and it’s my job to care for it and be a good host.  My recovery was hard, overcoming my illness and getting my strength back. During my illness, my husband of many years left me, so I was mending a broken heart at the same time.

Last week, my one-year transplant test results are back and I’m doing well.  I’m here to carry on with a great desire to succeed at being happy and prosperous.  Not many people get second chances and I know how special I am and how special he was.

To the family of my donor, I want to say thank you so much.  Please know I would love to hear from you and know more about the man whose gift has returned me to being a mother of two and grandmother of six, surrounded by the many family members who stood by me when things were hard.

Love and peace to all!


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