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As a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason” I should not be at all surprised by the events that led up to donating a kidney to my sister, Dorcella, over ten years ago. We were living in different states and, in fact, I was not aware she was becoming very ill from PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) which has affected 45 members of our family on my mother’s side since my grandfather’s generation. We received news that our first grandchild was on the way in Texas (where my sister also lived) and my husband’s job in Virginia was ending with a retirement package. These two things seemed to make clear that our home should be in Texas, not Virginia. After moving back, I learned just how ill my sister was when she was told that dialysis was imminent. It was also at this time that my husband and I attended a PKD Chapter meeting in Austin where a transplant surgeon spoke and informed us that living kidney donations from a parent, child, or sibling afforded the recipient the best chance for a good result. As people who know me are aware, decisions do not come easily for me, especially big decisions, yet after hearing this surgeon speak, I knew I had to be tested and I also instinctively knew I would be my sister’s donor for a kidney. Fast forward over a year (who knew the testing would take so long or that my sister would fall and break her hip delaying things even further?) But finally, in November, 2005 everything was a “go” and the transplant was performed! I am happy to report that she is doing well, I am doing well and my husband and I now have four grandchildren! I know that my decision came so easily because God was working to be sure everything came together just as it should. Now our prayers are with my sister’s son who also has PKD and who just recently began dialysis. I also have a cousin on dialysis awaiting a transplant. So the need to inform others about organ donation is great for our family and so many others. I am happy to be participating in The Transplant Games of America for the second time and will use it as a way to spread awareness about this important topic!

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