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Gift of Love: Lungs

My step-granddaughter received a double lung transplant this summer. She is doing remarkably well and after the 3 month mark has been approved to go home. She has spent her entire life, from birth to 14 years old, in and out of the hospital. She is profoundly aware of the Gift she has been given, and it is truly a GIFT, from a grieving family, to another family living day to day. Our family wants to thank the donor’s family for their wrenching but loving decision, and encourage everyone to realize the importance of “truly sharing”. Please register to donate your Gift of Life. Someone will need you.

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  1. Today makes my 101st day of receiving my double lung transplant at University Medical Hospital in San Antonio, Texas. Not only am I grateful to all involved but I have no words to thank the family and the individual who donated the gift of lungs. My prayer is that each day I honor that person and family by taking care of myself and gift and encouraging others to become donors so that others like myself can live on.

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