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Candace Adams

On April 29, 2016, my family received a phone call that would forever change the dynamics we were used to. My sister Candace Adams was found unresponsive from a drug overdose in Kerrville, Texas at the age of 35. My sister Chris and I packed our bags and drove the 4 hours to be by her side while my mother jumped on the first flight out from the east coast. We had no idea the state she would be in but knew it was crucial to get there in a hurry.

Upon arrival at the hospital we were given little hope of recovery but had to follow the hospital protocols. Once my mother made it to the hospital we began to process everything knowing the outcome that was to come.

We were approached by staff regarding organ donation. We honestly hadn’t thought that would be an option but because of how young she was and the relatively healthy state her body was in we were told it was very much an option. To be honest we wrestled with the decision until one of us thought to look at her license. Clearly marked “organ donor” we knew what Candace’s wishes were and knew we had to follow through with what she would have wanted.

In the midst of sorrow, we saw a glimmer of hope in the fact that her death would save others. Her last act would be one of utter selflessness – giving life! Candace’s legacy would live on in someone else giving them a chance for a longer, healthier life. Candace’s liver, kidneys and spleen were able to be used to save other people.

On May 1, 2016, Candace was freed from the bondage of her earthly life and entered the courts of Heaven, fully restored and healed from all her pain. Her body is whole again and she is no longer suffering. We have hope that we will see her again!

Courtney Faulkner

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  1. I met Candice in rehab at Cracker the first time I went to treatment. We became good friends and made plans for me to visit her once I left back to Austin. I relapsed and never got the chance, but I wish so bad I did. I still struggle with relapses. For the family, there was nothing you can do because it is extremely tough. Sorry for your loss. I know I will always remember the times we snuck in hand holding, and the hug she gave me before I left even though it would have got her in trouble. God bless.

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