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Six years ago, I was a high school teacher who had just bought her first house and gotten engaged. I felt like things were finally falling into place. But that same year, I was diagnosed with bronchiolitis obliterans, a terminal lung disease. My family and I were shocked; we had no idea. I was put on oxygen 24/7 and told my only chance to live was through the process of lung transplant. Soon after, I had to step away from my career and I went from lesson planning to worrying about how many tomorrows I had left. Luckily, within a year after diagnosis, I was listed and blessed with lungs the lungs I have now. I am still shocked today at what a transformation I experienced; my incredible team of doctors and support system are reasons I can tell my story today. I have learned that no words can adequately say thank you for some things.
Since my transplant, I have awakened to the beauty of a new miracle each day, celebrated so many holidays and birthdays that I wasn’t sure I’d see again, and been able to participate in 5K’s for organ donation awareness. I also have the honor of speaking to people in and around my little town about my story to encourage them to register as organ donors. But the greatest & most significant benefit has been my awakening to the beauty and value in the everyday moments. Now that I can breathe deeply, I find a deeper gratitude for those who give, a deeper love for the people around me and a deeper faith in God. Even though I carry the gift of life in me, it is the gift that carries me through this life.
This June I will now get the opportunity to travel to Cleveland with my closest friend with whom I also work, to participate at the Transplant Games of America in Cleveland with her sisters, one who donated a kidney to the other. This amazing honor to meet other recipients and donors and donor families from all over will be an incredible experience, second only to meeting my own donor family, a day I still pray to see.

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