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Better Vision at Age 70 than age 50

I was fortunate enough to marry an ophthalmologist who told me that I would probably need cornea transplants at some point in my life. My mother had an inherited disease, Fuchs’ Dystrophy, and had cornea transplants in the 1980s. My husband loved my blue eyes but told me that females with blue eyes were more susceptible to Fuchs’, and it was in my genetics. He recognized the beginning of the disease in my early 50’s and told me that I would eventually need transplants in both eyes. He had a battle with metastatic kidney cancer and died in 2005 at age 67. By that time, I was beginning to experience eye pain and blurred vision facing sunrises, sunsets, street lights, and car lights when driving. I visited a local general ophthalmologist where I live, and he suggested a cornea specialist in Houston, Texas. The specialist performed cornea transplants and cataract removals and lens implants coincided and six months apart on both eyes. I am extremely grateful for miraculous results. He tells me, “You are my poster child!” at each yearly visit. Probably says that to all his patients!

Today in my late 70’s I see better than I did in my 50’s. I do not wear glasses for near or distance unless I am driving. I thank God, and I thank the two people who compassionately donated the corneas that I use for fine vision. I can do no less.

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