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Vincent Medrano, Our Son

In Dec of 2015 my husband and I found out he needed a kidney transplant, he started to receive dialysis three times a week. Our only son immediately said he wanted to test to see if he was a match for his father. We just found out in November that he is a match. It took eleven long months to get to this point, but all the test have finally been done. And we have a surgery date Jan 13, 2017. We live in Dallas, TX and our son lives in Madera, CA, so as you can imagine this has been a little bit of a struggle to get this done. Through out this experience I believe we have all learned how important it is to become a living donor, as well as being a donor recipient.

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  1. Vincent had to do Alot of changes but to him it was and is all well worth it to have his dad well.
    The process is so long it was so hard for us to understand why in the beginning but as time went by we understood more and more. It is just so amazing how much can be accomplished with a bond as strong as vincent and his family are.

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