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A Father-and-Son Bond Like No Other

In December 2015, my husband started dialysis treatments three times a week and received the news that he would need a kidney transplant. Our only son, Vincent, immediately wanted to be tested to see if he could be a living donor for his father.  Since my husband and I live in Dallas and our son lives in California, the testing took a long time, but we found out in November 2016 that he was indeed a match!

Now as we begin the New Year, we are also preparing for the donation and transplant which are scheduled for January 13, 2017.  As a family, we are hoping this will give my husband a second chance at life, without the long hours on dialysis and the worry of worsening kidney failure.

Our experience has shown our whole family how important it is to become a living donor, and what a transplant truly means to a recipient.

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3 thoughts on “A Father-and-Son Bond Like No Other”

  1. Vincent had to do Alot of changes but to him it was and is all well worth it to have his dad well.
    The process is so long it was so hard for us to understand why in the beginning but as time went by we understood more and more. It is just so amazing how much can be accomplished with a bond as strong as vincent and his family are.

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