Can I donate to a family member?

It is not possible to limit the donation of organs, eyes and tissues to a type of person or group or people, such as a children, veterans, ethnic groups, etc.

However, Directed Donation is a process which involves donated organs going to a specific individual, rather than to the next person on the Transplant Waiting List.

Whether the directed donation comes from a living donor (such as a single kidney or liver segment) or from a deceased donor (any organ), the recipient must be a specific individual. Directed donations are coordinated through that recipient’s transplant center primarily, rather than from the donor side.

Registering with Donate Life Texas is a way for a person to authorize the recovery of their organs upon death. When the person passes away, family members have the option to direct the donation to a specific individual, if they know of a need and if the donor and patient are a match. This is rare, but when it happens, it is often within a family.